Hard materials from European market leader: No other vendor has a comparable range of products in the round bar area. About 100 articles of our standard product range are available ex stock, which we can deliver to the desired address within 24 hours. Of course, our customers can also choose from different carbide grades as well as between our raw or ground versions, lengths form 100 to 415 mm and blanks for drilling depths of 3xD, 5xD and 7xD. In addition to round bars our product range also includes centering blanks, square and right-corner rods or rotating milling burrs in different versions.



  • Rods of all kinds with different diameters and cooling ducts.
  • Carbide types with ultrafine and coarse grain structures and with high binding metal contents.
  • Customized ground cemented carbide rod material: Cut to length, chamfer, tip, cooling duct slit, steps

To get an overview of our product portfolio, you can download our current catalogs here.

Dr. Steffen Blömer

Director Carbide Business Unit

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Boris Kade

Sales Director Office Berlin

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Gerd Holzner

Sales Director Office Albstadt

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Jürgen Voss

Sales Director - Carbide Business Unit

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Stefan Balduf

Sales Direcotr Office Kulmbach

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Gerd Reining

Sales Director Office Albstadt

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